Ugly Monster Math




Roll, multiply, draw and add!  Use this math game to practice multiplication and addition.  Students will also get to draw a cute … I mean ugly monster that could be made into a texture drawing art lesson or used as inspiration for an ugly monster doll sewing project.  For some additional math practice, make a graph of the monsters according to the sum of all their rolls.  I’ll also give you easy step by step instructions on how to add some texture to the monsters.

Your Students Will:

  • Roll the dice and multiply
  • Draw an Ugly Monster

Optional Activities:

  • Add up the sum of all their rolls
  • Make a graph of drawings
  • Add texture to their monster

What You Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (5 pages)
  • Roll & Draw (4 pages)
  • Graph Numbers (4 pages)
  • Common Core Standards with Links (1 page)


  • Art & Math


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