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Get ready to welcome your guests in style with this amazing “Welcome Banner”! Perfect for back to school, conference night, special guests, grandparents’ day, school board visits, or to brighten up your entrance. Get ready to hear lots of compliments and questions about how you did it … you can decide if you want to tell them how easy it was!

The phrase “Welcome to our school” runs through the banner, making it clear to everyone who enters your school that they are welcome and valued. And the best part? Each student can create a piece of the banner, making it a truly collaborative effort. It’s a great way to showcase your students’ creativity and make them feel like they’re part of something special.

TIP: Create this huge 8-foot by 2-foot banner as a spring art project so you’re ready to go for back to school in the fall. The banner will easily fill up an empty wall.


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Your students will:

  • Watch a PDF presentation that explains the process.
  • Fill up a zine booklet with 6 technique experiments involving light and dark colors by layering colors to create patterns, textures, gradients, and color mixing.
  • Fold the single sheet of paper into a zine (booklet) for future
  • Color their piece of the welcome banner using light and dark colors, along with optional patterns, textures, and gradients. 


What You Get

  • Teacher Instructions for Welcome Banner (6 pages)
  • PDF Presentation (20 pages)
  • Welcome Banner (64 pages) – makes an 8′ x 2′ banner
  • Teacher Instructions for Border Designs (2 pages)
  • Border Designs [optional] (5 pages)
  • Teacher Instructions for Task Cards (2 pages)
  • 12 Technique  Task Cards (3 pages)
  • Patterns (1 page)
  • 2 Foldable Technique Zines [optional] (2 pages)
  • Zine Folding Instructions (1 page)
  • Banner Color Key (1 page)

>>>>> A total of 107 pages!


Here is a link to see an example of folding a zine.

This is an optional first step to get students to try some techniques.

This product contains: Art Task Cards & Foldable Zines for Colored Pencils and Markers, so don’t buy both of them! 


What color will my banner be?

The cool thing is that I can’t answer that!  I love giving people choices in drawing and art projects so students can decide. They can use any color or pattern they desire as long as they put the darks and lights in the right spaces. There is a place for students to test out the colors, so you can ensure they are on track.  I also give tips for making colors lighter or darker in the task cards.


How many students will this accommodate?

• The banner has 64 (6″ x 6″) pieces.  

• There is also a way to include more students by adding a border around the edge (the border is 72 (6″ x 6″) pieces which makes 136 pieces total).  

So, depending on your school size, this could possibly include a grade level or entire school.    If you have each student do a smaller square (4 smaller squares per 6″ x 6″ piece – students would share the same piece) and add a border, you could include a maximum of  544 students. 


How to go beyond just coloring:

Help your students to get some extraordinary results from their ordinary markers and colored pencils.  The task cards and technique experiments in this lesson will help students try out some colored pencil and marker techniques that might be new to them. Rather than just coloring things in, they will experiment with layers, patterns, and textures on a sheet that can be folded into a zine (booklet) that can be saved for future reference (optional).  

Even if you don’t make the foldable booklet, students can use these task cards and new techniques to help them level up their coloring pages as well as create a show-stopping banner.


Here is a way you can make your own texture plates for almost no $$.


What happy teachers are saying:


We used this as an end of the year activity to bring students together in the final days of school and create something to decorate the school in the coming year.

~ Rose H.



This is a fun and engaging beginning of the year activity. We used it in collaboration with the book “All Are Welcome Here”.

~ Jennifer V.



I did the mural as an opening activity in the school. I used the border to create a custom school name addition to the banner. Very easy to use. good activities to expand the lessons if you want. Over all good value.

~ Nicole C.


Get your Welcome Banner today, and let’s get started on making your school’s welcome unforgettable!



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Windows uses File Explorer to open zipped files.  Here are some easy instructions from Microsoft in case you’ve not done this before.


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