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Get to know your art students with this fun art game that is similar to the game “This or That”.  Use on the first day of art as an art icebreaker, as a brain break, at the end of class as a class reward, or to get to know your class better before designing their curriculum.  

Other uses:

  • Class polls – looking at data
  • Discussion questions
  • Building community
  • Communicating thoughts and ideas
  • Point of view activity
  • Critical thinking activity


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There are so many options included for using this resource!

  • Use the Easel version (a TpT tool), and it will keep track of the data! *Available on TpT purchases only*
  • Use the random selection tool (3-minute mp4 video) to make random question choices for a fun class activity.
  • Use the Google Slides presentation to select just the questions you want to use or change the order.
  • The printed version is an easy, low-tech option for students to answer all the questions. 
  • The PDF version is easy to use on a computer or other device.



What you Get:

  • Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
  • Google Slides (63 pages)
  • Easel (60 questions) *Available on TpT purchases only*
  • PDF Presentation (63 pages)
  • Random Selection Tool (3-minute MP4 video)
  • Printable Page (3 pages – 60 questions)

>>>>> A total of 60 questions in 5 different formats!

NOTE – If you want to use the EASEL questions, be sure to purchase this on Teachers pay Teachers.  Otherwise, you can purchase it here at a slightly lower cost. 



Using the Questions

I’ve divided the questions into 3 groups of 20 for a total of 60 questions. The random selection tool will pick a question from all 60.  The Easel, Google Slide, print, and PDF versions have the questions divided into 3 groups of 20 so that you can use them for different purposes.  Here is the way I divided the questions, how you might use them along with a few sample questions:


Would you Rather – Interest Survey:

Use the interest survey at the beginning of the year to help plan your lessons around topics or media in which each class shows a strong interest.

  1. Draw from your imagination or something you see?
  2. Paint or use clay?
  3. Design car or cupcake?

Be sure to record the results either with the Easel tool or on paper so that you can refer to them later.  Mark which answers are strongly favored by the class and take advantage of this to design a lesson that is sure to be a hit! 


Would you Rather – Discussion Questions:

Use these questions to spark conversations with your class.  This might be a fun way to get back into school mode after a holiday or break.

  1. Be an artist or an art collector?
  2. Travel back in time or travel forward in time?
  3. Go to a musical or art museum?


Would you Rather – Alternative Techniques:

These questions ask students to choose between different alternative art techniques.  Use this survey before looking at an artist that uses alternative art techniques or before trying some of these techniques.  This would be fun to do towards the end of the year to keep students engaged.

  1. Paint with cool-aid or coffee?
  2. Paint with your fingers or toes?
  3. Use only red or blue?


Play a Class Game!

Instead of raising their hands, have students get moving!  They can move to different sides of the room to indicate their answers or stand up and sit down to show their choice.


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