Zentangled Celtic Knot Letters




Create exquisite Celtic Knot Letters with this lesson that integrates a lesson on the Celtic culture with showing you step by step, how to draw Celtic Knot Letters.

This lesson is more than decorating letters with knots.  In this lesson, your students will learn to turn letters into knots!  If your students are up for the challenge, they will love the impressive results of this lesson!

Students Will:

  • Learn about the Celtic Culture
  • Draw some simple knot moves.
  • Twist and turn their letters into drawings of knot letters.
  • Use overlap and shading to make their drawings look 3D.
  • Use color theory to pick out colors for their knot letters.

But that’s not all!  You will also get  7 pages of zentangle ideas so students can add zentangle patterns to the edge of their letters.

I did this with 5th grade and it took some persistence, but the results were worth it.  So I would recommend this lesson for grade 5 and above.  Middle school might be the perfect age.

What You Will Get:

  • Celtic Culture Presentation (with art lesson instructions) (25 pages)
  • Summary of Lesson with thumbnails of the pages (5 pages)
  • Teacher step-by-step Instructions (6 pages)
  • Warm-up drawings (7 pages)
  • Illustrated student step-by-step instructions (4 pages)
  • Sample letters  with color ideas  (3 pages)
  • Zentangle edge designs (7 pages)
  • Rubrics and labels (3 pages)
  • png file of knot label for making your own labels (1 page)

>>>>> This makes a total of 88 pages!


  • Social Studies – Celtic Culture
  • 3D Drawing – overlap and shading
  • Color Theory
  • Patterns – Zentangles

More about the PDF presentation:

The 25 slide PDF presentation will give students a BRIEF lesson on the Celtic Culture; 7 pages with a map showing their migration over the centuries, a picture of a Celtic house, a drawing of a Celtic shield with spirals and 2 pictures with information about the Book of Kells.

Students will learn:

  • Who the Celtic people are and where they lived.
  • How they lived influenced what they made.
  • What the Book of Kells is and how it influenced this lesson.

The presentation will then guide students through the steps of the lesson.   First students will see some samples of the kind of letters they can create and some color ideas and variations.  Then students can see the various handouts they will be using.  The presentation would be a great tool to revisit for reviewing each step as the lesson progresses.

This lesson has taken years for me to develop and it’s my goal to give you everything you need from start to finish to create some dazzling works of art with minimal prep and work on your end.

If you’d like to see a step by step example of this lesson, take a look at this blog post.

If you are interested in just making Celtic knots, check out my Celtic Knot lesson.



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