Sketchnotes Toolbox

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Would you like your students to look forward to taking notes?  Note taking doesn’t have to be boring! Say goodbye to bland notes and get ready to spice up your note taking :-)

Help your students retain new information better by taking “sketchnotes".  Both the visual cues and the structure of the sketchnotes page they make will help them to understand and retain the new information. Additionally, the process of turning information into an eye-catching sketchnotes page, also helps students remember what they’ve learned.

I created this tool box to make the sketching part inviting.  I used it with elementary students, but I think that older students and adults (and teachers) could also learn to put sketchnotes to use during classes and meetings.  This page is in black and white so that copying and enlarging is more affordable.  The quality of the graphics is high enough to make a valuable poster for your classroom. 

You will also get a sheet giving step by step instructions on how to make bold splashy lettering and a printable handout about how to draw an expressive stick figure. 

What your students will be able to do:

  • Make a sketchnote page about themselves (and how they use 21st Century Skills).
  • Create BOLD letters to remember important words.
  • Incorporate figures showing action into their notes.
  • Make bullet points.
  • Show connections using connecting images.
  • Chunk information using frames.
  • Try out different structures for arranging the page.

You will get a 16 page PDF presentation on how to do a sketchnote page about yourself and how you use 21st Century Skills.  To show this presentation, view it in “Full Screen” and use arrows on your keyboard to move through the slides.  Print out the image seen on the last page (also in the packet), so that students have a reference page on how to make their own sketchnote page about themselves.

As a bonus, I’ve also included some images about sketchnotes that I used for 2 blog posts.  One image gives tips for teaching sketchnotes.  The other 4 images are different visual structures (ways of laying out the page) for sketchnotes.  The images that demonstrate the visual structures also gives some more tips for making sketchnotes. 

What you Get:

  • Sketchnote Toolbox (1 pg. handout or poster)
  • How to Make BOLD Letters (1 pg. handout)
  • Drawing A Stick Figure (1 pg. handout)
  • Sketchnotes for Self (1 pg. handout)
  • Sketchnotes for Self  - Presentation (16 pg. PDF presentation)
  • Instructions (1 page)
  • Visual Structure of Sketchnotes (PNG blog images) (4 images)
  • Tip for Teaching Sketchnotes (PNG blog image) (1 image)

See Expressive Monkey’s blog post about The Visual Structure of Sketchnotes.

See Expressive Monkey’s blog post about Tips for Teaching Sketchnotes.


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