Superhero Kids: Drawing, Writing, and a Little Math and Science

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Do you think your students are super!  Make them feel like superheroes with this fun lesson that integrates drawing, writing, math and science.

If you are an art teacher, you could easily have students use a medium to fit your curriculum.  Classroom teachers, don’t worry, you will get lots of drawing aids and help for your students.  The great thing about this lesson is that whether you teach art, language arts, math or science, there is a little something for you in this lesson …  and lots of integration.  School counselors might even like to use this lesson to teach about the admirable qualities and outstanding achievements of a hero.

During this lesson, students will draw themselves as a superhero and write about their admirable qualities and outstanding achievements.  Links are included for TED-ED videos that show the math and science needed to be a superhero.  When you are finished with this lesson, your students might just think you are super, too!

What You Get:

  • 4 Pages of illustrated teacher instructions
  • 4 Pages of vocabulary activities
  • 1 Superhero Page (graphic organizer of info)
  • 1 Page of logo making practice (2 per page)
  • 2 Pages of Admirable Qualities (2 reading levels)
  • 2 Pages of Superhero Powers (more difficult concepts on the 2nd page)
  • 4 Pages of Drawing sheets (2 “How to” pages and 2 “Roll & Draw” pages)
  • 2 Pages of Drawing Practice (finish the superhero kid drawing)
  • 1 Page for the finished superhero drawing
  • 3 Story writing/illustrating pages
  • 1 Page Superhero Checklist for students to keep track of their progress
  • 1 Page of rubrics (2 per page)

A total of 26 pages.

Expressive Monkey's drawing pages are designed to be different:

  • Roll & Draw pages turn drawing into a fun game.
  • Simple drawings ideas help children feel successful.
  • New drawing combinations keep children drawing longer. 
  • Drawing choices will invite children to think.

You’ll want to be sure to download the free binder cover so that you can start your binder collection of Expressive Monkey drawing pages. 


Easily download this PDF with a link that is automatically emailed to you immediately after your purchase and you can begin this lesson right away!