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A face drawn in the style of Pablo Picasso. The face is a woman's head with long hair. The eyes are mismatched and there is a line running down the middle of the face. The face has a marker outline around each shape, a texture rubbing inside each shape, and a watercolor resist over the texture rubbing. The text says, "Roll & Draw Picasso Face Step-by-Step Demo".

Picasso Art Project Technique

  Picasso Art Project Technique   This Picasso art project is an easy way to ease into painting with your students.   The art technique

Op Art Eggs - Cover

Op Art Eggs

Turn an egg drawing into an optical illusion.  Make op-art eggs in the style of M. C. Esher, then add designs in each square. This

Zentangled Celtic Knot Letters

Zentangled Celtic Knot Letters

Create exquisite Celtic Knot Letters with this lesson that integrates a lesson on the Celtic culture with showing you step by step, how to draw

My Year in Art

My Year in Art

Give your students a fun way to tell you about their year in art class! There are 3 different sheet design choices.  The first sheet

Monster Coloring - Cover

Monster Coloring

Looking for some cute monsters to color? These adorably creepy monsters are perfect for your students or just for fun at home. With a wide

Egg Coloring

Egg Coloring

Use the egg coloring sheets for early finishers or just for a fun Easter activity.  You’ll find a sheet of 6 egg designs along with


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