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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need help or don’t see your question below, please contact me.  

Sometimes this happens due to a network issue (on either end) and is something that will often resolve itself within a few minutes.  Try waiting a couple of minutes and refreshing your browser before trying again.

If you are on a school computer, make sure that you are not being restricted from downloading by your school district.

Sometimes it is actually downloading and putting the file somewhere mysterious.  So try using the search function on your computer to see where the file is located.

You can also try right-clicking on the download link and saving the file to you desktop.

Prior to October 2021, Expressive Monkey was hosted on another ecommerce platform.  Accounts were not created on that platform and your links were sent via email.  However, ALL of the data and orders were migrated over and now you have an account.  To access it, please visit the “my account” page and select “forgot password.”  You’ll receive a link via email to set a password and then you’ll be able to access previous orders on your account instead of just email.  

If you have any issues with this process, please contact me.  

If it’s a large file, make sure it’s completely downloaded.



PDFs are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from the Adobe website by clicking here. 


Zip files:

If your computer runs Mac OSX:

Double-click the unopened ZIP — the file should extract automatically. If that doesn’t work, hold down the control key and click the ZIP file icon. Choose “Open With” and then select “Archive Utility.” The utility will extract the ZIP files, and you can find them in the same folder where you downloaded them.


If you’re using a Chromebook:

Double-click on the ZIP file

You’ll notice that the ZIP file has been mounted and is located in the sidebar of the file manager alongside your Downloads folder, Google Drive account, and any other services you mounted

To extract the files from your archive, open a new file manager window, browse to or create a folder for the files, and then drag everything from one window to the other

This will extract those files out of the ZIP archive and make them accessible for you


If your computer runs Microsoft Windows:

  1. Right-click on the unopened ZIP folder.
  2. Choose “Extract All” from the menu that opens.
  3. Choose a destination. This is the place where you want to keep the unzipped files. You can choose your Desktop to find it easily.
  4. Click “Extract.”


You can also get a free Zip Opener on Microsoft’s website:



A Notebook file runs on a SMART Board, a kind of interactive whiteboard.

If you don’t have a SMART Board, you can view .notebook files by using a trial version of Notebook, which you can download for free at the SMART Tech site. If you’re using a school computer and can’t download programs onto it, you can also view Notebook files online.

Here are some steps for printing a PDF that you can use it you are having trouble. 

The free software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is the best reader for printing.

  1. Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Click “Print”
  3. In the “Page Sizing & Handling” section, select “Shrink Oversized Pages” if needed
  4. Click on “Advanced”
  5. Check the “Print as Image” box
  6. Print the document content

You May:

Use this resource in your home or school setting.

Make physical copies of this resource to distribute to your students.

Upload this resource (or individual pages) to a secure online management system, such as Google Classroom, where only your students have access.

Share pictures of your students using this resource on social media.

Show your love by tagging @expressivemonkey or #expressivemonkey when you share on social media.

Support the creation of more great lessons like this by sharing the link to Expressive Monkey’s store.


You May NOT:

Duplicate or redraw any part of this resource to be used commercially.

Copy this resource for other teachers and/or staff members to use.

Upload and share this resource with other teachers/staff members on an online server such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or your district server.

Email this resource to anyone other than yourself.

Teach with this resource on a commercial website, such as Outschool, whether you are teaching live or by a prerecorded video.


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